Shane Foley | Director of Photography

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2024 DP Reel

About Me

 Hello! I’m a Texan, with a passion for learning about communication, leadership, and the power of video to shape culture. Tex-Mex is my favorite comfort food and I’m notorious for dad jokes.

As an international DP I have been priveledged to film for worldwide brands, A-list celebrities, and politicians in Europe and abroad. My passion is to leverage the power of storytelling to impact people, hence why story-driven brand films are my favorite pieces to showcase.

Throughout my career, I’ve been considered a go-to guy for the projects that demand a touch of the extraordinary within tight constraints. I’ve always made it my mission to work hand-in-hand with producers, agencies, and directors, navigating the needs and budgets to bring the creative vision to life.

Creative Style

 My grandfather is a painter, and his otherworldly, abstract approach to art has carried on to me. My filmmaking style is a reflection of a raw and playful spirit. It’s a bit urban-inspired, with a gritty, textured quality that gives character. I’m a firm believer in creating films that tug at the heartstrings, and to achieve that, I often embrace nostalgia through halation, film grain, distortion, and quirky lens characteristics that pique interest. I’m also a fan of wide focal lengths for added drama, vibrant colors, and using motion to engage the audience in a playful dialogue. I love the use of symbolism and subtlety to set the mood, and I regularly take a cross-disciplinary approach to create a visual style that connects with culture.

When you watch my reel, you’ll notice the anticipation of a ‘vintage countdown,’ a little nod to our journey into the unknown.. The shots are varied in genre, so combining similar compositions together and using sound design and flow help bring consistency and intrigue to the film. I wrap it all up with a favorite lens of mine, the Super Takumar 50mm lens – a vintage gem bursting with character.  While this is true of my style, most often my style will adapt according to the needs of the production and vision of the director. Curious to get to know me more? Hear my history and inspiration as a filmmaker below.

Projects and Experience

 Currently, I’m wrapping up a substantial project for Habtoor Group and First and Ten Productions, a project covering one of Dubai’s largest holding companies. The project consisted of productions in multiple countries and many months to film and edit a 20-minute brand film. Some other notable productions:


1. Filming with Freedom Agency for the Dubai Desert Classic, a production featuring Rory Mcllroy on top of the Atlantis the Royal overlooking the Palm.

2. Filming Riley in a BBC x Eurovision production in Copenhagen.

3. Filming some of the most recognized politicians in Denmark, producing content for their election campaigns.

4. Working on projects involving Youtube, Carlsberg, Michellin Guide, NASDAQ, Bughatti, Mitsubishi, Bentley, and many brands known nationally within Denmark.

5. Filming for politicians like Alex Vanopslagh, Magrethe Vestager, and more.

6. Filming iconic locations like the famous Danish Opera House, Dubai’s the Palm, La Perle, the Waldorf Astoria, and more. 


I have worked extensively with Shane for the last year and leaned on his expertise as a DP to manage multiple productions for our clients. Because of the demanding nature of the productions, we needed someone who was not only knowledgable technically to perform under limitations of time and budget, but also to be able to wear many other hats in producing and working with the client. He's gone beyond our expectations to deliver outstanding results for our clients.
Shane is the kind of guy who does not get rattled. Having worked with Shane on more than 50 productions of varying shapes and sizes, I can say that he always goes above and beyond to deliver beautiful results. Skilled man and a great human being
We worked with Shane for the filming of the Dubai Desert Classic opening film. His ability to get the shots quickly under time constraints, flexibility, and knowledge with lighting, helped contribute to a successful day.


Shane Foley | Director of Photography
instagram @shanefoleymedia
DK: +45 53 54 87 88