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Strategy and Storytelling

We combine timeless storytelling principles with modern marketing insight to create remarkable brand stories that improve customer trust, revenue, and elevate the overall perceived value of your brand. 

The Story



Freja is a branded narrative film documenting the journey of crossfit athlete Freja and her team’s journey towards placing in the crossfit open despite the odds.


Combining Born Primitive’s mantra of merch for the “everyday savage” and veteran owned and operated, we created this brand story highlighting the “no shortcuts” approach that embody their brand.

About Vintage

About Vintage About Sea combines the timeless mantra of the brand with a younger audience, filmed in the heart of Copenhagen.

Shane Foley | Director

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Innovative brands have unique needs – from¬† developing internal communications amongst teams spread around the globe, to communicating culture values, to attracting talent, and acquiring partners and investors. Video storytelling services has become a staple in it’s ability to solve real challenges with running a tech company. Interested in learning more about our process but not sure where to begin for your company? Give a call to discuss your target and craft a plan to get there.